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The 21st century has ushered a major out brake of industrial growth in India and with it, a tremendous improvement in the per capital income of the individuals. These have caused a sea change in the outlook of the people and their life style. BROWNSTAR DEVELOPERS are in perfect tune with the changing needs, trends and technologies, to provide their new age customers with well designed and affordable luxury in the form of eco–friendly houses.

Having been in the construction industry for more than two decades, BROWNSTAR DEVELOPERS understand the needs of the modern customer and design houses that befit his requirements in every respect. Customer satisfaction is the mantra at BROWNSTAR DEVELOPERS and quality is BROWNSTAR DEVELOPERS hallmark. The footprints left behind by BROWNSTAR DEVELOPERS in these years, in and around Chennai, stand testimony to all their positive.

BROWNSTAR DEVELOPERS are lead by the able and experienced Mr.Vimal Kumar and are backed by a committed team of well trained and dedicated engineers, architects and workmen, to provide utmost satisfaction and peaceful living to their valued customers, concentrating on affordability all the time.





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